Thursday, November 17, 2016

Valentines Fever!

Hello, Beautiful souls out there. Soon, we are entering into the amazing Valentine's week and a part or whole of ourselves is always excited about what's it going to be like! Some of us are just going to stay in bed and pretend like they don't exist. Whoops! And, some of us might actually have wonderful plans already besides them to share those lovey-dovey moments. Whoa! But… Most of us are just clueless.. We are young and full of wonderful possibilities.. But,  when it comes to love we are like.. Dude what a crap! I'm blank.. We have zeal fully stuffed inside us, curiosities are banging our heads, still we're a little scared or say unaware of where we should start from? Omg! What would I wear? Whom to propose yaar? What if I get rejected? And blah blah blah… Let's just learn to say no.. A BIG No No!! No to all those rubbish things that hold us back from experiencing beautiful feeling of love and Let's start this by celebrating this Valentines in a different way.

So, first of all we don't need to propose someone, or be confused about our clothing or makeup and nor we have to worry about fancy gifts. All we need is presence of ourselves in moments of life summing upto Self-awareness! Love doesn't have to be in form of cool relationship stuff. It doesn't always have to be in particular shape or have a physical existence, rather it is a sublime communication among our souls. And, it is a scientific proven fact that people are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression if they have feelings of being loved.
But again, We clueless have no idea on How to Love? When to Love? Whom to Love!!!! Okay, Let's just say that Love is as simple as breathing. That's right. Just like breathing, it has to be continuous and should have pure air to inhale. Your thoughts are your oxygen. Fill your brain with positive thoughts and Love will start flowing from within yourself.  Just try it once. So, it is not important that you have to have a love partner to experience love but what's important is that your brain has right thoughts and your body has right amount of energy to respond to all those beautiful signs of love in this incredible life.

How do we start? Well, you can choose to go hiking, admire nature, sit back among those wild animals and plants and just listen what their sounds are like. You can research about animals, their body language, their expression, moods, nature and feed them,  caress them as often as you see them.. Slowly, they start recognising your existence and would love you back in their own silly,  cuddly ways.. Puppies with their wagging tails, Kittens bruising against your skin, or birds chirping in excitement whenever they see you.. These all are forms of live, all we need is to acknowledge their existence and understand their ways of communication. Suddenly you might realise How important they all are for Human existence on this earth. You start feeling evolution within yourself. At those moments, you could be a wildlife photographer, or a Botanist or just a Wanderer who is in love with his surroundings. At those moments you witness your own true self and your is heart filled with love. An unconditional and divine love of your Self-awareness! Well, these were just a few ideas of finding love in different forms. You can try finding your own methods of connecting with souls and lives.

Love is not a magic but it begins with your own efforts. Little efforts of pushing yourself out in unexplored world and letting yourself go with the rhythm of life. Just take a deep breathe and love life in whichever forms or expressions it comes to you.

So, All clueless!! Gear up!! Because you're are the best opportunists. You're vulnerable and daring enough to see magic of love otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article! Now, it's time to make-up your mind, plan your destinations and explore the wonders of this Valentines week. Maybe you can call up your lazy friends too. After all, Love is all about appreciating life and sharing beautiful memories among ourselves which we only dream of.

This Valentines, meet your own true self and find ultimate love in moments.. Do share your experiences with us.. Be clueless, Be spontaneous, Be Life! 😍😍😍

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