Sunday, May 24, 2015

The moment

A moment.. Or let's just say the moment..
It's an Atom.. It's the bomb.. It's a scene.. It's the life..
Life of undiscovered dimensions yet not seen..
It is the journey.. Also the witness..
Of the universe and the eternity..
If you feel like crying.. Don't..
It's not over..
This moment it's just a replica..
Of original..
Or maybe just the reflections of it's beam..
It's going to start all over again..
Master it and play those dimensions..
Dream of mysteries.. And the realities..
Those are just options..
They can be a shape.. A thing.. An idea.. Even a scheme..
Take it.. All is yours..
Build up and scream..
Till you reach the base,
Base of your moment..
The moment.

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