Friday, December 30, 2011

A Silent Love..!!

1:55 a.m.
New Delhi,
15th October 2011,

The sky hath no limits…This was the first reaction of mine as I looked up to him… October had started with its cool breeze in the dark nights of capital city of India…Moon was peeping out of white feathery clouds to help me write by its peaceful light… Every time you look at him… He is always changeable in nature… The unpredictable one… And that’s what his charm is… Presence of clouds, stars, moon, earth or sometimes flying birds add spice to the diversity of his livelihood… At one side of earth, people were in dark night while on other half it was a day… Everything and everyone have their own time of enlightment… I paused and smiled for my own Web of thoughts… How was I changing or say growing old with the same music, same earth and same sky surrounding me like eternal love… Californication By Red Hot Chilli Peppers was in tune for my cold ears… The first English song I heard in my 12th class… The lovely moon was smiling at me in the same manner from my childhood memories... Cool breeze was a sensational alert every time it touched my 7 kg. underweight body…. A year ago I had been with the same weight… From years life seemed to stop at a certain point… I craved for a change… People influenced me likewise I influenced them… Change is good… Time is the best healer… Moving on is the best solution…. I had been reading & listening all these thoughts and quotes every day or so…. But none of them seemed to satisfy my inner turbulence…
                        I looked at him as if he would bend down and preach me out of his experiences… But all I could see was changing position of moon and clouds trying to paint the calmness with their best effects… It seemed to soothe my mind… But created a wall between me and him… I tried to wait with whole of my patience left… But clouds were ardent to fill colors out of their pure white reflection… I became fascinated with their dance... I had to close my eyes for a moment lying on the roughly floored roof of my room to feel his universal presence… La Illah Ill Allah… The article by Osho, that I just read seemed to please me in more aesthetic sense… I had felt it several times before… But it was never so meaningful because all the time I confused myself by my sense of logics… Great people act as a proof to your witnessed moments of uttermost silence… Dogs, buses, chit-chats. Everything was audible to me at this very serene moment but all mattered to me was the silence I just re-had… Neither he talked to me nor did I… But we did… He taught me & I learnt… He guided me & I grew… He protected me & I flourished… That is how a real and yet a psuedo-love thing to world is developed… For that very moment I felt relaxed… No more thoughts were troubling me… I did not crave for change anymore… Because deep inside I found the truth… No matter how many color it changes, how many clouds come between us… And how many stars are there to show his presence… One thing is certain he is definite in himself… Its our perception which states him unpredictable… The bond I shared with him since I started admiring, sometimes talking to him was still there… And that’s how it occurred… La Illah Ill Allah… With the wind of his eternal presence around me…. No more complains… No more arguments… No more troubles and I decided to remain what I was born… The Unpredictable….

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