Monday, November 21, 2011

Expectation Hurts.... Have Ya ever wondered :: Why...??

6:30 p.m.
19th April 2011
CCD, VCA Ground, Nagpur...

Here, we go for some exploration... About our feelings... Why do we expect?? Then, get hurt and feel bad and eventually end up with the decision :: I am not going to expect anything from now onwards..!! or would be found stating or suggesting others that Expectation is a very bad thing... Its normal attitude that we have learnt through ages to copy our ancestors... Behave exactly like they do... They have taught us not to desire... Because human mind is very creative... And once, it is set free to think on natural pace :: It can desire for anything or everything... Now, as a matter of fact, it is impossible for our parents to fulfill those infinite desires :: They came up with the easiest solution available... Crucify your desires... Condemn the expectation by blaming that "Expectation is a very bad thing..!!" This is what every parent had been teaching to his child to make him follow their path... Its good to be possessive towards your traits.... But they had forgotten the simplest phenomena of nature :: that everyone is from a unique source... It can not be precedented... They come, They perform and They vanish... No sign, no remark furthermore but yes remembrance... This is a cycle that we have made... To follow certain rules, and live a happy-go-lucky life and then die in peace.... Almost 99.9% of human population is living with this attitude... They have not explored themselves :: Sometimes because "Expectation is a bad thing.." :: Sometimes because its worthless and so on to the list of excuses... They have started living life like other animals and founded that they are more down to earth... They have started thinking like a cow... I have to eat grass because I have to give milk... Its true... And positively, its not our fault... And not even because, they taught us wrong or their methodology was wrong... Its because, we failed to understand our own importance... We were so indulged in learning those teachings that we forgot to learn the basic principles of life... Preachers came and flaunted their knowledge and became famous, made money or earned respect or whatever their aim was... But rare ones were those who tried to tell us that to learn the ground affinity is more important that to memorize the principles or cases... Yes, those all famous preachers they dominated these rare ones in numbers and even in drama... People love fantasy... Because it entertains without any expense... Those money makers cashed this point and manipulated the deep fantasies of public to present as if they were the clear methodology to earn a successful life.... Everybody followed them... And book become famous... Titles :: "How to impress a woman??" or "How to develop a child??" or worst case "100 Essential Methods to increase your bank balance..!!" These books are undoubtedly helpful to guide someone towards the different parts of life... But we made a mistake... We interpreted them as if these are the basic principles.... Thats the difference... Between original and banal... Understanding the originality seems a cumbersome process while following a rugged path is a certain and safe one with low degree of mental or physical work... If someone chooses a new path... He start expecting for good... Never for bad... And when bad happens... He is shocked..!! He is hurt... He is hurt not because bad happened but because he forgot to consider the bad..!! Basic principle of life is :: There are two sides in a coin... If you are eager for good then you should welcome the bad as well... Hurt is not to put you down but to teach you how you can perform better..!! The moment your thinking procedure will shift from desire for success to desire for learning... There will be no more hurts from expectation... People suppress expectation because they think this is only solution... But suppression is itself a seed of problem... Expecting is a natural process... When we can think of history and live in present then its quite obvious that we are going to imagine about future... A good future everybody would imagine for sure... But imagine with a courage of having risk.... This will make you wise... More aware of life.... More you ignore a thing... More It will pinch you... I am not saying you to embrace the hurts of life.... Just witness them... Silently.... They will give you the message you need to learn... They will help you grow... And the "Expectation" which used to "Hurt".... Will be "Rejoice" for your life...!!

Bon Voyage to the new "Experience" of understanding "Hurts"..!!

With Love....

4:11 a.m.

22th November 2011,
SAM Hall, IIT Kharagpur...

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