Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Point: Sign of Awakening or that of Ending!!??!!

30/3/2010, Tuesday, 9:45 a.m.
Library, Nagpur.
Finding the reason and logics through various fields.Though, impressions are different and so are the perceptions but thing is to sum up those differentiations.Although, it is impossible to integrate the dimensions of nature but as far as my sight supports me to have a look, i will try to grab things to a certain point.
           Point!!! Aaahh.. I like this word : Point. Its so mysterious in itself. Everything starts from it and subsequently ends to it.Submission or Aggression, Black or White, Beauty or Beast, Paired or Scattered, Steady or Variable.... All get dissolved at a certain point!!
          We all are from a point and going towards a certain one. Some of us are conscious while some living under halluciantions... But everyone is one or in another way destined to be get directed towards that point...
         Travelling the path of achievement, is nothing more than that of a puppet show's charm!! It is joyful and delighted one for a cheerful soul, neutral and silent for those who tend to suspect its consequences, whereas may be sedative and detached part for a miserable one....!! Perceptions and interpretations all do differ... What is eternal and constant as well as common in each & everything is the Point!!
         Whether a point of Matter or that of Satisfaction!! Nill or Infinitive but it is definite at certain stage of whole drama as it was specified by its creator right at the time of its birth.... Its fate!!!
         When one comes out of its riddle of explorations, he finds himself as if awakened from a long and meaningless sleep... Then, that point becomes worthless!! What does matter is its creator now!!
         He considers that creator as everything and lets himself devote to him... Soon another procedure starts, awakening of his own soul!! He splits from the creator and eventually starts creating his own points... Initially with or without any logic!! He tends to create things: at first, to amuse himself, then to experiment with his capabilities and all possibilities out there and at last to come up with a mysterious one... To avoid the birth of any superior creator next to him...If he succeeds to do so, he is brilliant or else he was like any other illogically framed set of mind and soul!!
       This discussion or whatsoever written stuff till now, also have two possibilities either it will come to an end or not!! Infact, this time I am the creator, hence the decision depends upon me... I can roll it up or not... Without giving any reason or just leaving it for the reader to wonder about!!!
     Its all about the randomness because nothing is definite untill it is destined to be so!!! The presence or absence of a Point can be predicted only if there is possiblity to read the certainity of its creator's mind...!!
    For the final touch to this article.... I remark now that; throughout this whole flow of thoughts, ideas and hypothesis etc. there is a moral to understand that sometimes reasons and logics are lame to distinct the consequences of path travelled to the point that if it was pleasure or a moan....???
Here, works only your intuitions..... And that is why a Point is always a mysterious one.....!!???!!
                                   Hard to decide whether it started or finished now!!!


Kuldeep Chauhan said...

you gotta point Divya...!!!
well written... good work..!!
looking forward for some more of your writings..!

DIVINEjoyride said...

Heyy... Thanks Buddy... Will surely put some good stuffs here.. :)...

Anonymous said...

Hey Creator,

Oceans of love to you. Such a splandid work. Keep moving on.


DIVINEjoyride said...

Thank ya bro... Its all cuz of yr guidence n love... :) ...

ANIKET said...

Waiting for nxt post ! :P

DIVINEjoyride said...

Yeah... Manufacturing in Progress..!! :)...

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